Backfill Compound (A+B)

Backfill Compound (A+B)

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Backfill Compound (A+B)

We are the leading manufacturer and distributor of Backfill Compound (A+B). These products are known to maintain moisture for a long period of time, it is widely considered to be the market. Provide prices. Environmental free non-corrosive tablets / gel form of a competitive internal drives our customer-centric approach, we make the Earth a chemical compound that enhances the entire range of earth-reinforced composite grounded conductive improve mineral absorption silicone conductive minerals.

Features :-

  • Ground system to maintain a constant resistance
  • Even in the dry run in all soil conditions
  • Resistance
  • Decomposition or leaching time
  • It helps to improve soil conductivity
  • In order to facilitate faster current dissipation