Building Lightning Arrester Tested UNE 21186

Building Lightning Arrester Tested UNE 21186

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Building Lightning Arrester :-

ISG Global is the leading supplier of Building Lightning Arrester which is designed using latest technologies to ground the lightning current equally into the ground by conveying a safe and sound path of its movement. Air Terminal Designed as per NFC 17-102 & IFC 60-1:1989.

Advantages of Lightning Protection System :-

  • It is easy to install and requires no special maintenance
  • It is a cost effective solution
  • Designed and tested as per NFC17-102 and UNE-21186
  • Stainless Steel design suitable for most environments
  • Available in three models to suit specific site requirements
  • Suitable for connection to a variety of down conductor systems including tape, wire, cable and other down conductors

Applications :-

  • Telecommunications & Broadcasting
  • High-rise building and hotels
  • Institutional 
  • Commercial
  • Monuments / Ecological sites