Class C Surge Protection Device

Class C Surge Protection Device
Product Description

In accordance with the guidelines set by industrial productionClass C Surge Protection Device (SPD) is highly standardized. At the lowest prices available in the market, its demand is very high. This means we provide is used to provide protection against electrical transients purposes. In addition, we deal with this product through a number of quality checks before sending this sale.

SPD with Maximum continuous voltage [L-N] Uc 320V. Maximum continuous voltage [N-PE] Uc 255V. Nominal discharge current (8/20us)In. 20kA. Maximum discharge current (8/20us)Imax 40kA. Lightning Impulse current (10/350) [N-PE]Iimp < 12.5kA. Voltage Protection Level [L-N]Up < 1.5kV. Voltage Protection Level [N-PE]Up < 1.5kV. Short circuit withstand current 25kA/50Hz. Degree of protection IP 20.


  • Prevent electrical transients
  • Commendable features
  • Long Life


  • Uc:-320V
  • Amp:-65KA
  • Up:-1.5W
  • Product Code:-ALY/B-65 

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