Earth Enhancing Compound

  1. Ground Enhancing Mineral

    Our Ground Enhancing Mineral is known for attributes such as precise composition, retention of moisture for a longer period of time etc. The mineral is specifically tested on various parameters for conformity to internationally accepted quality standards. Our valuable clients can avail the mineral from us as per their requirements in bulk.
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  2. Earth Enhancing Compound

    The Earth Enhancing Compound offered by us is of precise composition and is highly effective. The compound is formulated by us with the minutest attention to detail and with specific emphasis on ensuring it's effectiveness even in the most adverse weather conditions. All of the aforesaid makes the compound more suitable for use than other similar products available in the market.
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  3. Earth Charging Liquid Resdrop

    Our Earth Charging Liquid Resdrop neither dissolves into soil or water nor washes away with time, attributes that help it in the retention of moisture for a longer period of time and also in creating a low resistance zone around the electrode. Owing to these, the liquid resdrop is the foremost choice of users across large parts of India.
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  4. Earth Compounds

    The Earth Compounds offered by us are perfectly suited for enhancing the earthing capacity of the soil. Precisely formulated and hygienically packaged to ensure no contamination, the compounds offered by us are ideal for their intended usage. Our esteemed clients can avail these compounds from us at market competitive rates.
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  5. Ground Enhancing Material

    Perfectly suited to solve grounding problems that are deemed to be very tough, the Ground Enhancing Material offered by us is a highly conductive material and ideal for use in areas with poor conductivity such as rocky ground, mountain tops etc. It's other attributes include ease of usage, eco friendly nature etc.
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  6. Ground Resistivity Improver Compound

    Our Ground Resistivity Improver Compound is non corrosive and has the ability to absorb & retain moisture. Moreover, the compound is non soluble in water and thus is not washed out owing to rain or underground water. All of the aforesaid features make this compound far superior as compared to other ones that are available in the market.
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  7. Earth Enhancing Material

    The Earth Enhancing Material offered by us is precisely formulated from superior grade compounds that have been sourced from reliable vendors only. After formulation, these have been extensively tested on innumerable parameters for a defect free functional life. The material is highly effective for the purpose of reducing the existing soil resistance and thus is preferred by users across India.
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  8. Ground Enhancing Compound

    Widely appreciated for it's varied beneficial attributes such as flawless performance in all soil conditions even during dry spells, helping reduce the earth's resistance & impedance, our Ground Enhancing Compound is widely preferred by users. Our clients can avail this compound as per their requirements in bulk.
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  9. Carbon Based Compound

    The Carbon Based Compound formulated by us does not require periodic charging treatments or placement, quite unlike a lot of other carbon based compounds available in the market. Furthermore, this compound also does not need the continuous presence of water for the purpose of maintaining it's conductivity.
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  10. Earth Charging Liquid

    The Earth Charging liquid offered by us is perfectly suited for use in applications such as those involving the grounded grids of network that show higher earthing resistance. An inexpensive and highly effective compound, our earth charging liquid is the foremost choice of users across India. It's other attributes include eco friendly nature, being metallurgical safe & optimum stability.
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  11. Low Resistance Earthing Compound

    Low resistance earthing compound is an effective compound that forms a high strength electrically conductive concrete when mixed with cement and water. The compound is perfectly suited for use in applications where attributes such as permanent low resistance and high compressive strength solution are essential.
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  12. Grounding Conductivity Improver

    The Grounding Conductivity Improver is a non leaching, effective compound that requires minimal maintenance. The superiority of this conductivity improver over other similar products available in the market ensures it is perfectly suited for use in a wide range of applications. Some other notable features include high conductivity, is environment friendly, precise formulation etc.
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