Grounding Conductive Gel

Grounding Conductive Gel

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Grounding Conductive Gel :-

ISG Global is the world's leading manufacturers, suppliers and strengthening of Grounding Conductive Gel exporters. The products provide a low resistance region around the known electrode produced, so that the output electrodes is constant. Committed to our customers satisfaction in gold, we ensure that our customers defect-free range.

Features :- 

  • Creates low resistance zone around the electrode.
  • Accurately composed.
  • Safe packaging

Applications :-

  • Telecommunication Towers & Microwave antennas
  • Transmission & Distribution System
  • Bank, ATM, Hospitals, Railway, Airport, Military, and Defense Installations
  • Substations & Power Generators
  • Lightening Arrestor Earthing
  • Computer & Data Processing Centers
  • Transformer Neutral Earthing
  • Manufacturing Facilities & Refineries
  • Heavy Industries
  • Food Processing & Water Treatment Plants
  • Oil Refineries & Pump Stations
  • Data centers, telecom, and broadcasters Process control and automation
  • Remote & Central Office Digital Switches
  • Petrochemical, LNG, and nuclear facilities