Telephone Surge Protector

Telephone Surge Protector

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Telephone Surge Protector

We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and distributor of Telephone Surge Arrester. When the lightning strikes the ground with its millions of volts and thousands of amperes strike every wire in the ground or hanging in the air will notice it. If the lightning strikes the lightning the electronics inside the telephone or modem, the electronics will destroy at the same moment. Hence to protect the telephone lines and modem the Telephone Surge Arrester  is used to safeguard the telephone equipments. It is known for its wide applications in number of factories, offices and homes, the Telephone Surge Arrester has a high preference in the market.


  • Provides protection against electrical transients
  • Commendable functionality
  • Very cost effective and easy to install
  • Durable and Long Life


    • Telephone centres / exchange 
    • Residential
    • Factories
    • Telecommunication Towers
    • Computer and Data Processing Centres